Hot & Spicy  
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Chef s Specialties

H1. Seafood Delight
Jumbo shrimp, scallops, lobster meat & vegs. w. white sauce.
H2. Angel's Hair Hong Kong Style
An authentic mixture of seafood & vegetable on top of pan fried thin noodle.
H3. Grand Mariner Shrimp
Shrimp quickly braised in hot oil and coated with special fruit sauce with grand mariner.
spicy H4. Crispy Shrimp with Walnuts
Crispy shrimp & honey glazed walnuts in a crispy crepe with spicy onion sauce served on the side.
spicy H5. Layered Stuffed, Shrimp Eggplant
Sliced eggplant stuffed with shrimp also more shrimp on top in garlic sauce
H6. Roasted Garlic Prawn
Roasted whole garlic and jumbo shrimp sauteed w. delicious brown sauce
spicy H7. Thai Curry Seafood
Stir fried shrimp, scallops, crab meat, lobster meat, zucchini, onions, green & red peppers in a sweet curry & Thai chili sauce.
spicy H8. Thai Mango Shrimp
Shrimp sauteed with fresh mango in a spicy authentic Thai sauce.
spicy H9. Thai Mango Chicken
Shredded chicken sauteed with fresh mango in a spicy authentic Thai sauce
H10. Shrimp & Chicken Bahamas
Shrimp & white meat chicken sauteed w. fresh pineapple, also come w. pineapple fried rice.
spicy H11. Three Musketeers & Beauties
Scallops, shrimp, chicken, baby corn & red pepper in spicy garlic sauce, also comes with fried crab meat wonton.
H12. Golden Double Feature
Jumbo shrimp, filet of beef sauteed w. golden mushrooms, Chinese vegetables in oyster sauce.
H13. Stir Fried Steak
Filet of steak sauteed in tangy brown sauce, served with assorted vegetables.
H14. Jumbo Shrimp with Ginger & Scallion
Jumbo shrimp on top of Shanghai Bok Choy
H15. Velvet Triple
Sliced chicken, shrimp, scallops with Chinese vegetables in a light egg white sauce
H16. Velvet Prawn
Jumbo shrimp with Chinese vegetable in a light egg white sauce
H17. Ginger Chicken
A marvelous taste of fresh ginger, crunchy string bean & strings of chicken tenderloin
H18. Happy Family
Lobster meat, shrimp, scallops, chicken, pork w. broccoli Chinese cabbage, snow peas, Chinese mushrooms in brown sauce
H19. Poached Fish Chinese Style
White fish fillet with ginger, scallions and a hint of soy.
H20. Peking Duck
A delicate Peking dish skillfully prepared served with scallion white, Hoisin sauce & wrapped with pancakes.
Half $20.95, Whole $34.95
(S) 20.95 (L) 34.95
H21. Korean BBQ Beef Short Rib $17.95
spicy H22. Beef or Fish Fillet w. Hot Chili Sauce (Soup)
Bean sprouts, zucchini, chinese vegetable, dried chili
H23. Duck w. Black Bean and Ginger Scallion Sauce
Served on a sizzling plate
H24. Hop Tao Song Ding
Diced chicken and shrimp w. walnuts
spicy H25. Shredded Beef w. Small Hot Peppers $15.75
H26. Jade Lake Treasure
Chicken/ shrimp/ beef/ scallop w. mixed vegs. & brown sauce
H27. Crispy Beef w. Wine Sauce $16.45